Fotonea.com allows everyone to easily create beautiful collages from photos and add texts. You don't need Photoshop or other software, all that is needed is modern browser. Created collage can be saved to your computer, and later uploaded to you blog or anywhere else, or shared.


Fotonea.com was inspired by MLW (*). She needed the way to easy put few pictures into bigger composition (for different project). I found canvasphoto demo, and since I knew Fancy Upload before, I though that it may be possible to join those two projects into one and at the same time expand a little the original idea. The joining was successful, but the usefulness? I will see ...
Due to to one problem with canvas element (content can't be saved in some browsers) I created new version of this webpage (2.0 ?), using Flash and Actionscript 3.0. So now collage saving should work in all browsers (at least those not older than IE 6.0).

* MLW - My Lovely Wife

For geeks

Fotonea.com is based on Open Source projects, using mainly PHP, Javascript and Flash). Its creation wouldn't be possible without the work of the following people:

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